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Asanté Counselling and Therapy Centre, Rose Cottage, Main Street, Baltray, Drogheda, County Louth. Telephone: 041-9889833 Email:asantetherapy@gmail.com

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Mail: asantetherapy@gmail.com

Asanté Counselling  and Therapy Centre Mindfulness-Based Services for Drogheda and the North-East

Call 041-9889833  for your free telephone consultation or click here … to make a confidential enquiry

Asante Mindfulness Centre, Hypnotherapy, Ireland, Counselling, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Reiki Healing & Meditation

Welcome to Asanté Counselling and Therapy Centre

“At Asante we provide confidential and professional counselling and therapy services.   We also teach mindfulness-based skills that can help you to enjoy fulfilling relationships and a  peaceful and happy life”

Please call 00353 (0) 41-9889833 for a free telephone consultation or  click here ... to make a confidential enquiry

Payment Options

Payment for counselling and therapy sessions may be made by cash or we now accept all major credit and debit cards.

To make a payment please choose one of the Payment options below and click the “Pay Now” button

Announcing the opening of the Drogheda Anxiety Clinic.

In response to the many inquiries over the last few years, we would like to announce the opening of the Drogheda Anxiety Clinic. 

Call or text 087-0555858 for information, confidential advice, and fast effective relief.

Sessions are available in person, they are also available over the phone and on Internet platforms such as Skype.

Initial consultations are free if conducted by phone or on the Internet and reduced cost sessions are available for those on low income or who are unwaged.

Click here… for information on how to relieve anxiety

Mindfulness Based Approaches

These approaches emphasize loving kindness, self-acceptance and patience. Mindfulness is a simple, practical skill which can help us find calm and stability in our relationships with ourselves and others in the midst of our busy, stressful lives.

Mindfulness based approaches can help you reduce stress and cope with negative emotions such as depression and anxiety. It may also help you find relief from pain and discomfort and enable you to develop a better quality of life despite the experience of pain.

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Payment Options